Meet our tourguides

All off our guides at RygrTours have their educations and experience from The Norwegian Tracking Association.  With a Track Recorded  all the way back from 1868, with more than 550 hiking cabins and more than 22.000 km of trails. This is the single largest Tracking association I Europe. Our Guides have the best of both educations and experience. Our goal is to give you and your travel companions holiday memories that lasts a life time. With our focus on safety and our knowledge of the Norwegian mountains, we hope to succeed doing so.

Even has been a voluntary Mountain Guide for the Norwegian Tracking Association (DNT) for more than 15 years. And he has walked the Norwegian high mountains most of his adult life, and knows much about the historical hiking routs the Rygr Vikings was using. His expertise is long hikes and expeditions. The Trolltunga is one of his favourite hikes.

Ingvild (30 ) have been a Tour Guide for almost 5 years, she is origionaly from Finland and have most of her Outdoors experience from the Forests of Finland. The last 5 years she also been walking the Mountains of Norway. Her area of expertise is the Lysefjord area. Kjerag and Preikestolen.

Fredrik (36)from Stavanger is one of our most experienced Tour Guides. He starter in hisearly teenage years to hunt and hike the Norwegian mountains. Living for daysnd weeks out in the open. Enjoying the Norwegian mountains. The last 4 years asan Tour Guide.

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