Vinter tours

What you need to bring for your tour


  • Rainwear/Wind stopper (jacket and trousers)
  • Thin windbreaker and hiking pants (with good moisture transport)
  • Two sets of Underwear in wool/wool blend + extra chang
  • Socks with a lot of wool and good fit + extra change
  • Wool sweater/jacket or thin down jacket
  • Woolen Hat - Beany
  • Wool mittens or other mittens that are warm even when wet
  • Hiking boots oversized with ankle support
  • Buff woolen ore other


  • Backpack with sufficient volume for contents
  • Waterproof bag that fits inside the backpack (possibly rain cover on the outside of the backpack)
  • Toiletries (necessary only) and a small/light towel
  • Some toilet paper and an extra garbage bag
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen sun cream
  • Food/sweets for the day and drink bottle (possibly thermos for hot drinks)
  • Money/Cards
  • Todays lunch + some extra food,
  • Wind bag ore survival Wind bag
  • Crampons

Such equipment weighs a total of 7-8 kg. Bring only the things you need for the trip so that your backpack doesn't get too heavy. Remember that high altitude hiking requires warm and wind/rain proof clothing.

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