Trolltunga and Preikestolen

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About the tour

En route, we will walk within the edge of Hardangervidda will walk within the edge of the clifs, hike long side and on both sides of the most spectacular fjords of Norway, Climb the highest mountains and se the deepest fjords, and explore some local gems along the way.

We travel in small groups to focus on the adventure avd creating the memories for life.

We start I Stavanger. Drive to one of the beautiful Mountain hotels close to Kjerag Platoe, there we enjoy a three course dinner with the best the local chef have to offer. All the dinners comes with wine. If you prefer a none alcohol choice, just let us know.

Day 0

Pick up & gettogether. - You all will arrive in Stavanger. We’ll meetno later than 4pm. Please let us know where in Stavanger you’ll arrive and when.If you arrive by car, we can assist you in parking. We have free parking spacefor our guests. When everyone has arrived, we will head to the mountains.

Day 1

The Trolltunga day, We’ll leave early, with a good local breakfast, we also make our food for the hike. Today’shike will be hardest of them all. The route will take us above 1200 meters and up to rugged nature, the Norwegian high-altitude landscape. Here you can see for miles. After the hike we’ll come back to the hotel.

Day 2

The Pulpit Rock Day, The day starts with a good local breakfast, here we also make our food for the hike. We’ll leave early from hotell or the lodge. This ike will be done on the North side of the Lysefjord. And end in a spectacular view, were you may se ethe most of the fjord. The last part ofthe trail will go some hidden trails, away from the crowded part.  After seeing the magnificent Lysefjord and Preikestolen (The pulpit rock), We head back to Stavanger.

Tour dates

Her skriver du inn fritekst om turene.

This is a whole year, all day event

To book this, you need to send an email to


  • Hike the Preikestolen and se the breathtaking Lysefjord form vest to east
  • Spend two days traveling within the magnificent Norwegian landscape, From Se to Summit. From Mountain valleys to Lysefjord, one of Norway's most beautiful fjords.
  • When we can our fantastic guides will take you of the official trail and take the hidden routes.
  • The higher majestic Trolltunga

Norway has become famous for its iconic, dramatic, and exciting viewpoints: Preikestolen, and Kjerag. These hikes, two of the most beautiful viewpoints in Norway, exploring Norway's more hidden gems, make this tour one of the most dynamic and diverse tours of Norway available. Dramatic fjord views, high mountain tops, three-course dinners, traditional accommodations, Norwegian culture, and unique geological rock formations provide travelers with an exciting and well-rounded tour of South-Western Norway.


Safety is our primary focus. And the biggest uncertainties are always the weather. On the entire trip we will have a strong focus on the weather, so the routes may change. The wind is the most dangerous factor. Therefor we have some low terrain alternative hikes if the wind is to strong. One is our Waterfall hike at Månafossen

Al our Guides have years of mountain tracing experience, and know the local conditions. They are well trained first aiders. We always carry first aid equipment, and have satellite communications available. We also have good 24hrs communication with the Norwegian recue service.

Fitness level

The roughes hike will normally bee done on day one. The hike to Trolltunga; it can take up to 11 hours altogether. The other days will be about 4-6 hours of hiking. You should expect a rocky and slippery path if it rains. You should have hiking experience in similar conditions. Used to go uphill, Good fitness and some hiking experience with a good attitude will also prepare you for this trip.

Risk level

We don`t take risks. However, mountain hiking involves a natural risk. And our fantastic guides will do all possible to reduce this risk. We encourage all our participants to include hiking on their travel insurance.


Pack and bring what you need, not all you want. Due to limited space in our minibus we ask your to bring one piece og luggage, in addition to your hiking pack. We advise a hip belt stap pack ore a small hiking back pac.

Personal equipment and clothing

We love checklists, so we have made a packing checklist for summer and one for winter. Please go through that list. If you need, please se our video: “how to dress for the mountains” we use woolen fabricks all year. Wool & silk is hikers best friend.


On all the hiking destinations you will be served high quality local food based on that actual season. If you have any allergies ogre food restrictions such as Vegans, hallal or other, please state this as soon as possible in the SmartWaver form.


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1250 mas
En rout 27 km
8-12 hrs
Hiking level:
800 meters hight
Se kart



1100 mas
En route 9 km
5-6 hrs
Hiking level:
600 meters hight
Se kart



604 mas
En rout 8 km
4-5 hrs
Hiking level:
Ligth to moderate
340 meters high
Se kart


You will rest and sleep at some of iconic fjord hotels, and Mountain lodges.

Tasting the local food

To travel is also to endure the local food

You will experience some of the best of local food that Norway have to offer. From fjords to the mountains.

“Food is the central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.”

Mark Kurlansky

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